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The purpose behind the discoverer

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We are changing the way we discover the world

Not just the places where there are travel deals, but places that transform us when we visit.

Our Story

We created The Discoverer with the goal of changing the way we discover Earth’s most amazing destinations.

We saw something missing

We didn’t want another Top 10 list, or click bait article. We wanted authentic discoveries from real people who love to explore.

So we reached out to a community of travelers to share insider tips about some of the world’s most incredible destinations.

The Response was overwhelming!

People across time zones and languages have come together to share their discoveries with you, and help you get to know more about the world around you.

Join our global community, and unleash the discoverer within you.

Here’s How it Works

We deliver discoveries straight to your inbox. Every day, we’ll transport you to a new destination around the globe, and introduce you to the discoverers out there exploring it.

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Our Mission: To Inspire Discovery

Discovery means taking a moment to explore the world around you, getting out of your comfort zone to experience new cultures, and always keeping an open mind. We want to change the way you discover the world.

Each curated edition of The Discoverer features destinations you probably won’t find in a popular guidebook. These destinations, along with our community’s insight, will transform your perspective on the world and its people. All from your inbox.


We deliver Earth’s most amazing destinations straight to your inbox.


We connect discoverers from every corner of the globe


We share your discoveries with subscribers all around the world.


We are passionate about inspiring others to explore and discover.